SRM is Out

Greetings! VMware Site Recovery Manager is GA as of August 13, 2019! What’s New? VMware Site Recovery Manager Express Patch Release provides bug fixes for the issues:  The user interface of the Site Recovery Manager Virtual Appliance does not startWhen configuring the Site Recovery Manager Virtual Appliance, if the random generated password for the keystore contains some special characters, it is interpreted by boost:regex_replace as a formatting string and prevents the Site Recovery UI from starting. When you use Chrome browser and collapse the Recent Tasks view, the Recent Tasks bar disappearsIf you use Chrome browser and collapse the Recent Tasks view, the Recent Tasks bar might disappear. Documentation and Links: Download Link: vRO plugin and vROps Management Pack for SRM Read More / Ler Mais

vSphere 6.7 U3 GA

Greetings! VMware vSphere 6.7 Update 3 is GA as of August 20, 2019! What’s New? vCenter Server 6.7 Update 3 supports a dynamic relationship between the IP address settings of a vCenter Server Appliance and a DNS server by using the Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS). The DDNS client in the appliance automatically sends secure updates to DDNS servers on scheduled intervals. With vCenter Server 6.7 Update 3, you can publish your .vmtx templates directly from a published library to multiple subscribers in a single action instead of performing a synchronization from each subscribed library individually. The published and subscribed libraries must be in the same linked vCenter Server system, regardless if on-premises, on cloud, or hybrid. Work with other templates in Read More / Ler Mais

vSAN 6.7U3 is out

Greetings!  VMware vSAN™ 6.7 U3 is GA as of August 20, 2019! What’s New? Cloud Native Applications Cloud Native Storage: Introducing vSphere integrated provisioning and management of Kubernetes persistent volumes (PVs) and a CSI (Container Storage Interface) based plugin. This integration enables unified management of modern and traditional applications in vSphere. Intelligent Operations Enhanced day 2 monitoring: vSAN’s capacity dashboard has been overhauled for greater simplicity, and the resync dashboard now includes improved completion estimates and granular filtering of active tasks Data migration pre-check report: A new detailed report for greater insight and predictive analysis of host maintenance mode operations Greater resiliency with capacity usage conditions: Key enhancements include reduced transient capacity usage for policy changes, and improved remediation during capacity-strained scenarios Read More / Ler Mais


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