vSphere 7.0 Update 2

What’s New? Built-in Load Balancer Supervisor Refreshed with Latest Kubernetes 1.19 Release Private Registry Support VMware vSphere Native Key Provider Confidential Containers for vSphere Pods on AMD FIPS validation for vCenter Java and vCenter Go services Better availability through PMEM-aware HA Support for broader set of Nvidia GPUs, based on Ampere architecture and Multi-instance GPUs vSphere Lifecycle Manager support for vSphere with Tanzu with NSX-T Networking vSphere Lifecycle Manager Desired Image Seeding vCenter vSAN and vSphere Lifecycle Manager Bootstrap via CLI Performance Improvements for AMD Zen CPUs Reduced Compute and I/O latency & jitter for latency sensitive workloads ESXi Key Persistence ESXi Configuration Encryption GuestStore Secure FT Suspend to Memory vMotion autostream architecture VUM parallelized upgrades of clusters This includes Read More / Ler Mais

Want to test vSphere with Tanzu and Tanzu Mission Control?

Before installing vSphere with Tanzu go for a test drive in VMware Hands on Labs it’s a great way to test the solution and also have a nice document in PDF or HTML to follow up the lab. Then you can test in you own lab, I’m during the next week I’m going right a step by step guide in installing vSphere with Tanzu and then start a series of posts arround the integration with other products such as: The online LABS I recommend are:

Saiu !! Horizon Enterprise 2103

What’s New? Horizon Server Added support for “Global Access Group” Added support for open source database — “PostgresSQL” Added support for untrusted domain Pegged unabated growth of event database Ability to pre-assign computer names to instant clone desktops Delivered View API parity REST APIs Horizon Agents & Clients Teams offload Mac client USB redirection for HTML Access & Chrome client Pen redirection iOS & Android HEVC 444 Intel GPU Linux client Bandwidth control for integrated printing Serial port improvements, auto mapping, ID passing Agent hot patch via MSP Expose HCA, H.264/H.265 enablement and networking client settings to registry and GPO template Drop 32-bit support Windows agent, Linux agent and client App Volumes Support for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session on Horizon Read More / Ler Mais

Saiu !! Skyline Advisor 5.6

What’s New? We’re pleased to announce a new Skyline Advisor release with expanded proactive issue avoidance, Log Assist enhancements, enhanced email notifications and new Findings & Recommendations.  A summary of the new features is below. For additional details review the Skyline Advisor Release Notes. Log into Skyline Advisor today to see the new enhancements!    New features:      Expanded Proactive Issue Avoidance   Additional Findings & Recommendations for VMware vSAN, vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols), NSX-T, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) and more:  We released 41 new proactive Findings and Recommendations in the following categories:       – Alert you to top issues based on our analysis of common Support Requests opened by customers     - Alert you to issues based on post escalation analysis to help prevent you from experiencing similar escalations    – Top vSphere alarms as defined by VMware Technical Support   – We are introducing TKG Findings to alert you to potential issues with container solutions  – We continue to include Security Advisories to alert you to Read More / Ler Mais

Saiu !! VMware Telco Cloud Automation 1.9

What’s New? The VMware Telco Cloud Automation 1.9 release introduces the following enhancements: Infrastructure Automation Certificate Management Register a Certificate Authority (CA) and generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for the domain. Support for Self-signed CA through the Infrastructure Automation process. Support for Management and Workload domains VMware Telco Cloud Automation does not create a separate SDDC (vCenter Server + VMware NSX + VMware vSAN) for management appliances called the Management domain. Instead, the vCenter Server + VMware NSX domain is deployed as VMs in the Management domain. The ESXi of the Workload domain is fully available for running customer workloads. Support for a pre-deployed domain VMware Telco Cloud Automation supports previous deployments that were not done through Infrastructure Automation. Read More / Ler Mais

Saiu !!! Tanzu MySQL Kubernetes 1.0

What’s New? Nearly all applications require durable data storage and the ability to interact with that data in a relational manner. VMware Tanzu SQL with MySQL for Kubernetes is a Kubernetes operator that offers secure, performant and production-ready databases with on-demand provisioning on any Kubernetes. It can be utilized as the backing data store for cloud-native applications running on any platform, anywhere.  MySQL for Kubernetes has the following key features:  1. Meets the security and compliance requirements of large enterprises  2. Configured with sane server defaults out-of-the-box  3. Platform operators configure service plans tailored for different workloads  4. Developers have automated and easy workflows Documentation and Links: https://network.tanzu.vmware.com/products/tanzu-mysql-for-kubernetes https://docs.pivotal.io/tanzu-mysql-kubernetes/1-0/ https://docs.pivotal.io/tanzu-mysql-kubernetes/1-0/release-notes.html

Saiu !!! vRealize Log insight 8.4

What’s New Here are some of the key highlights of vRealize Log Insight 8.4 that will help you leverage log data more quickly, accurately, and powerfully than ever before: Log Sources: You can now configure Fluentd to collect logs from various sources such as Docker, Kubernetes, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and OpenShift, and forward them to vRealize Log Insight. Fluentd is an open source log processor and forwarder, which lets you collect log data from different sources and enrich them with filters. It is the preferred choice for containerized environments such as Kubernetes. You can find the configuration steps for the Fluentd log sources within the vRealize Log Insight user interface. Log Masking: Your log data contains information that might be Read More / Ler Mais

Saiu !! vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.4

What’s New·       VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.4.0 Easy Installer support·       vRealize Automation Salt Stack Config Standalone support·       VMware Identity Manager (also known as Workspace ONE) enhancements·       Content Management enhancementso  Automation-PropertyGroup content type is supportedo  Embedded vRealize Orchestrator is supported for vRealize Automation Cloudo  VMware Identity Manager users can capture or release vRealize Operations Manager dashboardsDocumentation and Links:·       Release Notes:o  Release Notes for vRSLCM 8.4·       Documentation Link:o  Product Documentation

Saiu !!! vRealize Network insight 6.2

What’s New Here are the key features and capabilities of vRealize Network Insight 6.2: Network Assurance and Verification Provides a cross-link for the VM-VM path search in the network map with a logical VM-VM path Provides native support for the Cisco ASR 9000 devices Provides native support for MPLS for Cisco Catalyst and Cisco ASR 9000 devices Supports F5 Secure Network Address Translation (SNAT) in Network Map Introduces new threshold configurations for Switch metrics: CPU, Memory Switch port metrics: Switch-Port RX Traffic Rate, Switch-Port TX Traffic Rate, Switch-Port RX Packet Drops, and Switch-Port TX Packet Drops. NSX-T Monitoring and Troubleshooting Introduces 5-minute polling intervals for metrics collected from the VMware NSX-T and VMware vCenter servers Introduces 20 seconds granular metrics for Read More / Ler Mais

vRealize Automation 8.4 is out !!!

What’s New? Features & Enhancements vRA Support for Azure image gallery Snapshot management for Azure disks Support for Azure disk encryption sets Enhanced support for Azure availability sets GCP Sole Tenancy Ansible enhancements Puppet enhancements Operations center: Custom roles support Operations center: Cloud zone Insights enhancement Operations center: Distinguish optimizable deployments IPAM registration for vRA 7.x workloads while onboarding into vRA 8.x Reconfigure Existing Security group for vSphere and VMC – Iterative and Day 2 Change On-Demand and Existing Security groups for VMC – Iterative and Day 2 Simplification of onboarding workflow Changing deployment projects for onboarded deployments Unregister onboarded machines from vRA Documentation to configure proxy for vRA on-premises Terraform environments Single secret store Event Broker enhancements ITSM plug-in Read More / Ler Mais