vRealize Automation 8.4 is out !!!

What’s New?

Features & Enhancements


  • Support for Azure image gallery
  • Snapshot management for Azure disks
  • Support for Azure disk encryption sets
  • Enhanced support for Azure availability sets
  • GCP Sole Tenancy
  • Ansible enhancements
  • Puppet enhancements
  • Operations center: Custom roles support
  • Operations center: Cloud zone Insights enhancement
  • Operations center: Distinguish optimizable deployments
  • IPAM registration for vRA 7.x workloads while onboarding into vRA 8.x
  • Reconfigure Existing Security group for vSphere and VMC – Iterative and Day 2
  • Change On-Demand and Existing Security groups for VMC – Iterative and Day 2
  • Simplification of onboarding workflow
  • Changing deployment projects for onboarded deployments
  • Unregister onboarded machines from vRA
  • Documentation to configure proxy for vRA on-premises Terraform environments
  • Single secret store
  • Event Broker enhancements
  • ITSM plug-in support and customization of vRA Catalog
  • Change in Access Token API behavior
  • Force deleting deployments for the IaaS API endpoint.
  • OpenShift support for Terraform Integration in vRA
  • ABX scale improvements
  • Accessibility enhancements to support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level A and AA standards
  • Policy criteria support for additional Integer/String operators
  • Policy criteria support for resource tags across all policy types
  • Support for multi-VM/disk configuration
  • Add disk with different sizes
  • Specify order and SCSI controller for vSphere disks
  • Support for disks that are part of the image template
  • Disk placement should align with the VM in Workload placement\Multi-VM scenario
  • Storage allocation as per full VM size


  • vRO plug-in for vRealize Automation

SaltStack Config and SecOps 

  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 compliance
  • Configuration management via SaltStack Config
  • Release of vRA STD + and SaltStack SecOps add-on in rest of world
  • SLES 15 Center for Internet Security Content

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