Saiu !!! vRealize Network insight 6.2

What’s New

Here are the key features and capabilities of vRealize Network Insight 6.2:

Network Assurance and Verification

  • Provides a cross-link for the VM-VM path search in the network map with a logical VM-VM path
  • Provides native support for the Cisco ASR 9000 devices
  • Provides native support for MPLS for Cisco Catalyst and Cisco ASR 9000 devices
  • Supports F5 Secure Network Address Translation (SNAT) in Network Map
  • Introduces new threshold configurations for
    • Switch metrics: CPU, Memory
    • Switch port metrics: Switch-Port RX Traffic Rate, Switch-Port TX Traffic Rate, Switch-Port RX Packet Drops, and Switch-Port TX Packet Drops.

NSX-T Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Introduces 5-minute polling intervals for metrics collected from the VMware NSX-T and VMware vCenter servers
  • Introduces 20 seconds granular metrics for VMs
  • Introduces new search queries for BGP neighbor status and learned routes, and Equal Cost Multi Path routing status of edges in a cluster
  • Supports the collection of the firewall rule comments from the distributed firewall rule definitions
  • Supports the collection of URPF mode router interface key property for the VMware NSX-T routers
  • Introduces two new threshold configurations for the VMware NSX-T Edge metrics: Traffic Rate and Packet Drops.

VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Supports SDDC Group
    • Including intra SDDC group flows, application discovery for SDDC group, search operator, dashboard, alerts, and flow threshold
  • Supports VMware Transit Connect
    • Including flows, dashboard, search operator, alerting, and flow threshold 
    • Supports VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC and VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC to native VPC topology
  • Introduces 20 seconds granular metrics for VMs within the VMware Cloud on AWS Compute Gateway and VMware Cloud on AWS Management Gateway (VMware vCenter Appliance, VMware NSX Manager Appliances, VMware NSX Edge Appliances, VMware HCX Appliance VMs)
  • Provides Network and Security Configuration Maximum alerts
  • Provides support for Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) Route Leaking and Layer 3 MPLS VPN on VMware Cloud on AWS Direct Connect Colo Router (Cisco ASR).

Flow Based Application Discovery

  • Automatically identifies application groups without any user inputs
  • Provides the ability to keep the saved applications up to date with dynamic membership updates
  • Supports modification of the naming preferences to change the name of applications based on the user CSV file or the VM name, tags, security group or security tag.
  • Supports modification of the flow duration and scope
    • Option to select 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 30 days as flow duration
  • Applications dashboard:
    • Saved applications display an icon if updates are available
    • Provides the ability to filter applications based on the applications with updates and no updates
    • Supports sort functionality on the last updated column
  • Update applications view:
    • Displays the tiers that are added, modified, or deleted, with the member details
    • Provides the ability to apply the update on the applications
  • Edit application page displays a warning if there are any pending updates


  • Application hotspot widget shows impacted applications for immediate attention to applications that are experiencing performance degradation
  • Eliminates references of the Equal Cost Multi Path tags in the VMware SD-WAN Path Topology map.

Enhanced Rule Recommendations in Security Planning

  • Enhances security planning to provide fine-grained firewall rule recommendations
  • Provides the ability to export the recommended rules to include the membership information of different groups used in the rules.

Azure VMware Solution

Google Cloud VMware Engine

Pinboard Enhancements

  • Provides Public APIs for Pinboard CRUD operations.

Platform Enhancements

  • Provides support for 7-node XL clusters
  • Ability to track the usage of VMs, Hosts, Applications, Flows, and Firewall Rules with a data retention period of up to 13 months.


  • F5 data source now only needs REST API access. SSH access is not required.
  • Applications discovered from ServiceNow support VMs, Physical IPs, and K8s services in the discovered tiers
    • Membership of tiers discovered from Service Now or based on flows can only be specified as a list of entities. Search based membership criteria can not be used to specify members for tiers that are automatically discovered from ServiceNow or based on Flows.
  • To install and upgrade vRealize Network Insight by using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, see the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Installation, Upgrade, and Management Guide.

Product Upgrade

The supported upgrade path is available at

Refer to the Upgrading vRealize Network Insight section for more information on the upgrade procedure.

Documentation and Links

For additional information about new features, see the vRealize Network Insight documentation.