vSphere 7.0 Update 2

What’s New?

  • Built-in Load Balancer
  • Supervisor Refreshed with Latest Kubernetes 1.19 Release
  • Private Registry Support
  • VMware vSphere Native Key Provider
  • Confidential Containers for vSphere Pods on AMD
  • FIPS validation for vCenter Java and vCenter Go services
  • Better availability through PMEM-aware HA
  • Support for broader set of Nvidia GPUs, based on Ampere architecture and Multi-instance GPUs
  • vSphere Lifecycle Manager support for vSphere with Tanzu with NSX-T Networking
  • vSphere Lifecycle Manager Desired Image Seeding
  • vCenter vSAN and vSphere Lifecycle Manager Bootstrap via CLI
  • Performance Improvements for AMD Zen CPUs
  • Reduced Compute and I/O latency & jitter for latency sensitive workloads
  • ESXi Key Persistence
  • ESXi Configuration Encryption
  • GuestStore
  • Secure FT
  • Suspend to Memory
  • vMotion autostream architecture
  • VUM parallelized upgrades of clusters

This includes a major update to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service. For an in-depth review of everything new with TKG Service in vSphere 7.0 U2, we encourage you to watch this Tanzu Live Tech Talk session led by our Product Management team.  A huge thank you to everyone who had a role in this release!

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service

  • Support for private container registries with untrusted certificates
  • User-defined IPs for Service type: LoadBalancer with NSX-T and NSX Advanced Load Balancer
  • ExternalTrafficPolicy and LoadBalancerSourceRanges for Service type: LoadBalancer with NSX-T 
  • Kubernetes version management and update indications
  • Improved Cluster Status at a Glance
  • Per-Tanzu Kubernetes cluster HTTP Proxy Configuration
  • Support for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions

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