Over the Years!!

Relevant projects that César Delivered / Designed over the years in and out of Portugal

After 2015 most work has been mostly advisory and pré-sales, I also deliver POC and technical Workshops, the information displayed here is just about relevant projects that I designed/implemented:

2015 – Design the new wireless coverage for all the dealerships across Portugal, with new POE+ switches and AP, using 802.1x for the private networks and with a captive portal for the guest accounts. around 300 APs Vendor used: HP Networking APs and controllers, Check point for FW services, and Layer 3.

2015 – Automation project – Created scripts and integrate with HP Server Automation and Operations Orchestrator for a company with 120 ESXi servers with more than 800 Linux servers, several OS/2 Virtual machines and around 200 Solaris x86 Servers. Skills required Red Hat Linux / Solaris / OS/2, HP Server Automation, HP Operations Orchestrations, shell scripting, VMware, Powercli, Python.

2015 – Implemented the Wireless solution with several SSID with 802.1x 120 AP’s in a paper factory, A.D integration, new security components, new network segmentation, and upgrade to all up links from core to access to 10Gbits. Vendor used: HP Networking and Fortinet.

2015 – Outside of Portugal in Africa Guiné conacri – new University 70 access switches, two core, 160 APs 2 WLC, 4 Check Points. I designed the layer 2 and layer 3 network, Wireless integration and services FW services and SSL VPN. Vendor used: Extreme Networks, Check Point.

2014 – Helped designed the systems part of the project, Implement and design a new core network for a private Hospital with 2 cores HP 10500 57 HP 5500 switches, implementation of IRF, Implementation of the Wireless solution covering indoor areas with to 48.000 square meters. with several SSID, designed and helped the implementation of the DR concepts, Installation of the Firewalls and load balancing solutions. Vendor used: HP switching, Wireless , Storage and Servers, Fortinet for firewalls / VPN etc.. Barracuda for Load Balancing, VMware vSphere, Operations and SRM for the Virtual Datacenter and DR.

2014 – Design and Implementation of a large Wireless for a retail company out of Portugal with 90.000 square meters of area, support for rugged devices and normal laptops tablets and so on. Did the survey design and implementation. Vendor used Ruckus Wireless.

2013 – in Portugal Implement and design a new core network with Cisco core switches several 3650 and 2960 switches, Ruckus Wireless and NETAPP STORAGE in metro cluster for High availability, VMware for all datacenters with SRM for 3rd site integration / DR and Fortigate Firewalls on all 3 sites.

2013 – Design and implement a new footprint of the core network of a ISP with Wimax Technology to cover areas in Luanda where our fiber didn’t reach. for 30 Enterprise customers capable to grow up to 250.

2013 – Private Cloud project, Design and implement a new Data Center based on Cisco Connectivity (Nexus) Cisco UCS (Several Blades) NETAPP storage 3 Data Domains, VMware, Virtual Servers capacity around 900 servers, EMC Networker as backup software.

2012 – Design and architect a large solution with several CISCO components capable of supporting 1400 users in a fully wireless environment with several security stages and NAC implementation.

2012 – Disaster recovery Project – Implement and configure a replication solution based on CDR for a large morocco company between Casablanca and Rabat with Integration with several DB’s and VMware Site Recovery Manager more than (60 critical applications) i did the setup of storage and replication installation of vSphere environment and the configuration of SRM. Vendor EMC , VMware , Oracle the oracle part was made by Oracle Specialists.

2012 – Disaster Recovery. Audit , Designed and defined scope for a Disaster Recovery project for a large enterprise company with sites in Portugal , Italy , Spain and Greece.

2012 – VDI design and implementation project for a government entity in Portugal for 400 users. The vendor used: Cisco, VMware, Wyse.

Lots of small projects mostly Virtualization projects….small country but great the best 😀

2010/2011 – Large project design and implementation with VMware with vSphere 4.1, Chargeback and AppSpeed around 200 hosts. and the migration of all virtual environments to the new one. the virtualization of their Siebel environment.

2010 – Disaster Recovery audit, then project design and implementation
EMC storage, HP Servers, connectivity Cisco, VMware ESX, and SRM, had to ensure the replication, create new DNS replication zones (bind), and replicate SQL databases and Oracle. lots of scripts to automate processes.

2010 – Large backup project with Netbackup with several configurations for around 700 servers I had to use fiber transport configurations to ensure that the backup windows where suitable for the large Oracle databases in production. Backups configured for Virtual Environment and HP-UX, Solaris and Linux environments.

2009 – Large consolidation project for Portugal 🙂 around 200 x86 servers where migrated from physical to virtual, also consolidated several old Alpha Servers on new Pseries servers with AIX and Virtualization configured, Storage IBM, Backups Netbackup.

Several consolidation projects over the years with VMware also some nice and Small VDI projects.

2007 – 4 LARGE HPC clusters in a total of more than 500 nodes with a job submission portal and billing portal for 3 campuses in Portugal and a large government entity, we tested the code fine tuned the compiler and configured scripts for self-healing of nodes and quick replacement of the Masters. we also configured an Open LDAP directory to connect the environments later we configured the 4 HPC into a single GRID with a single submission portal.

Several Virtualization and consolidation projects also several Linux projects.

2005 – Linux cluster with qmail with 38.000 mail accounts for a government entity

2005 – my first large virtualization and consolidation project for an international retail company ESXi 2.5, vCenter – 500 physical servers were converted to virtual machines. Also did the SAN and storage configuration.

2004 – My second VMware Project with size for a Telco in Portugal that wanted to consolidate an environment for testing virtualization, IBM blades, SAN, and Storage of 50 physical web servers were converted to virtual machines to test Virtualization.

2003 – My first project with VMware ESX Virtualization project for a Telco for a very small x86 environment with 6 physical servers.

From 1996 to 2003 – Most projects were Linux others OSF1, Digital Unix or Tru64 with Alpha Servers and Enterprise Backups and Storage Systems in 1999 had a look on Linux @ VMware for Linux, but never used it on customers but used it on his laptop all the time thanks VMware !!! 🙂

1993 to 1996 – Just another guy starting IT, that worked with a lot of nice things. But when started working with Alpha Servers, Enterprise Backups, Enterprise storage, Unix systems, and Linux that was another thing 🙂