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When I’m doing technical sessions with customers/partners or speaking in events, most questions made are about information for projects, architectures, new features, new products but sometimes people tend to ask questions to late without checking VMware official documentation available online that cloud easily helped them in planing, designs and troubleshooting, mitigate or solve small errors done in architectures and implementations. Some of these link’s are for new comers, some are not.. My intention on this post is to reach out and advice new professionals or people interested in this type of information. VMware Compatibility Guide This site is mandatory to check supported Hardware, drivers, devices and so on. If the information It’s not on this site, check with VMware support Read More / Ler Mais

My First Post / Meu Primeiro Post

EN: I will try to do a post per week of common information and a technical guidance post per month. some posts will be only in English other in Portuguese and English. PT: Vou tentar colocar um post por semana com informação que achar util e todos os meses tentarei colocar uma guia técnica sobre produtos de virtualização. Alguns dos posts vão estar apenas em inglês outros em Inglês e Português.