Configure NSX home LAB (networking)NSX 4.1 and vSphere 8.0.2

I’m assuming that the OVA is deployed with the basic configuration For this lab, I will only use one NSX Manager appliance for Production you need to use 3. And that you logged on NSX manager Now that the basic is done the fun starts !! Create  IP pool for the TEP’s Networking / IP address Pools Now let’s create an IP pool for the TEP interfaces, in my case I will use the same range for the TEPS of the hosts and edges. let’s call it a great name !!! TEP-POOL Press set in my case, I’m going to use IP Ranges but I could use the entire subnet because I will use a different subnet in my other Read More / Ler Mais

Home Lab’s

Home Lab – Self-hosted Solutions: NAS with Truenas Scale: Utilized for storage, running services like Plex, PhotoPrism, and NextCloud for family use. Kubernetes Cluster (3 Mini-PCs): Hosts multiple services including Cloudflare DDNS, Portainer, Homarr, Bitwarden, Linkwarden, Nginx Proxy Manager, Uptime Kuma, Trillium, Netbox, Home Assistant, gaming servers (Minecraft and Terraria for my kids), Adguard, and serves as a testing ground for Kubernetes studies. Docker Swarm (Two-node Raspberry Pi 4 Cluster): Running security tools for ethical hacking studies. Two Mini PCs in HA: Running firewall (FW) with IPS/IDS and WireGuard for VPN purposes. Work Lab: DL 380G9 and DELL RX6xx Server: DL 380G9 serves as the main host for labs with extensive resources (512GB RAM, 56 cores), while DELL RX6xx focuses Read More / Ler Mais